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Kay County Levy Rates

District Code School District Levy Rate
125AB I-125 Braman City 99.74
125AN I-125 Newkirk City 99.74
125BB I-125 Newkirk 99.74
125BN I-125 Newkirk 99.74
125C I-125 Hardy 99.74
27A D-27 Dilworth 75.61
27B D-27 Peckham Rural 75.61
45A I-45 Blackwell City 91.44
45B I-45 Blackwell Rural 91.44
50A D-50 Kildare City 75.26
50B D-50 Kildare Rural 75.26
50C D-50 Ponca City 75.26
71A I-71 Ponca City(06) 99.02
71B I-71 Ponca City 93.74
71C I-71 Ponca City(11) 99.02
87A I-87 Tonkawa City 91.88
87B I-87 Tonkawa Rural 91.88
87C I-87 Tonkawa City(12) 91.88
I-2 I-2 Noble 71.94
I-4 I-4 Noble 77.07
J11KA J-11 Kaw City 74.82
J-11 J-11 Kaw City Rural 74.82
J11KB J-11 Shidler 74.82
J-95 J-95 Grant 80.81